What We Do

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SA-TECH provides personnel resources and expertise in Mechanical, Instrumentation, Aerospace and Electrical Engineering disciplines. We collaborate with Government counterparts to design, develop and deliver technical data packages, mechanical structures and electrical and instrumentation systems that support test and evaluation activities across several Government programs. We document instrumentation, hardware and software designs, developments and implementations. Instrumentation documentation includes tables and schematics of data acquisition, control and power requirements. Hardware documentation includes engineering drawings and reports. Software documentation includes requirements plans, source code and instruction manuals.

Our Engineering Services Include:

  • Program Management
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
  • Research and Development for Technical Projects
  • Study and Evaluation of Weapons Systems
  • Test and Evaluation of Aircraft and Weapons Systems
  • Engineering Drawings, Technical Manuals and Specifications
  • Configuration Management
  • Instrumentation, Hardware and Software Design, Development and Implementation