JSF Formation Eglin AFB

Eglin Operations and Maintenance Services (E-OMS)

Customer: Air Force Test Center, AFTC/PZZB (Reliance Test & Technology, LLC)

SA-TECH is a major subcontractor to Reliance Test & Technology (RT&T) on the E-OMS contract at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB) providing four main areas of range Operations and Maintenance (O&M): (1) Marine Operations, (2) O&M and engineering support for all remote-controlled Foreign Military Equipment (FME) land targets and sea targets, (3) Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, and (4) associated range instrumentation systems. We provide Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) management oversight for all work performed as the E-OMS subcontractor, including vessel/all targets Operations and Maintenance (O&M), design, integration, installation and O&M of remote control systems for land and sea going targets, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems O&M, FME Threat Replicas and Simulators O&M, and instrumentation/communications O&M. We perform mission pre- and post-test operations entailing test planning, scheduling, execution, at-sea target, land targets, EW assets and ranges, and recovery and data collection and management.

SA-TECH conducts concurrent land operations on Eglin Test and Training Range (e.g., EW and land Remote Control Target [RCT]) operations at multiple sites) and seaborne operations in the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range (EGTTR), plus deployed training missions outside of ECTTR along the Texas coastline and in the Key West, FL vicinity. We provide maintenance to include preventive, corrosion control, and corrective and depot level (for marine vessels) to keep EW, communication and instrumentation systems, land and marine targets and support vessels operational to meet a demanding mission operations tempo.

Tasks Include:

  • RDT&E Testing and Training
  • Program Management for EW, Vessels and RCT O&M of Systems
  • Design, Build, Test and Integrate RC Systems
  • Operations/Manpower Scheduling for Local and Deployed Operations
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance for High-Speed Maneuvering Surface Targets (HSMSTs), Support Vessels and a variety of land targets
  • Target Storage, Reactivations, and Conversions
  • O&M for The Gulf Range Armament Test Vessel (GRATV) Test Instrument Barge
  • Seaborne Target Recovery
  • Targets and Equipment Availability Management
  • Vessels Management System Database Update
  • Quality Assurance/Safety Inspections
  • RCT Systems Integration of RCT Systems on Vessels and Land Targets
  • Tow Target Operations & Maintenance
  • EW Systems Maintenance and Operations and New Systems Siting, Installations, Testing and System Acceptance Testing