Operations, Maintenance and Support of Air Combat Command (ACC) Primary Training Ranges (PTR) Image

Operations, Maintenance and Support (OM&S) of Air Combat Command (ACC) Primary Training Ranges (PTR)

Customer: Air Combat Command Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC)

SA-TECH, as part of the AT2 Joint Venture, provides operations, maintenance and support (OM&S) of 14 ACC and Air Force Global Strike Command PTRs at nine locations: Dare County Range, Poinsett Ranges, Grand Bay Range, Avon Park Range, Snyder Range, Belle Fourche Range, Holloman Ranges, Mountain Home Ranges, and Guam Range. PTRs consist of Electronic Warfare Ranges (EWR), Electronic Warfare Sites (EWS), and Bombing and Gunnery Ranges (B&G). The ranges accommodate basic to intermediate level air-to-surface training. PTRs vary in their size, complexities and capabilities and contain target arrays, remote-control moving land targets, electronic and passive threat simulators, and weapons scoring systems and provide Service Class A, B, and/or C range capabilities.

Tasks Include:

  • Real Property (Target Locations, Grounds, Facilities and Roads) Maintenance and Repair
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Smokey Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM) and Pyrotechnical Threat Device OM&S
  • Vehicle and Heavy/Agricultural Equipment Maintenance
  • Situational Awareness System (SAS) Display OM&S
  • Microwave Communication Systems and Tower Maintenance
  • Electronic Warfare Emitter Systems O&M
  • Threat Simulators and Weapons Impact Scoring
  • Remote-Controlled and Live-Fire Target Operations, Fabrication, Preparation and Repair
  • EWS/EWR Range Integration and Instrumentation System O&M
  • Range Maintenance, Clearance and Clean-Up
  • Range Scheduling
  • Logistics and Supply Support
  • Range Safety and Range Control
  • Contractor Provided Fire Services
  • Quality Control
  • Security