Oxnard, CA, April 22, 2014 – SA-TECH INC hosted the ACE Charter High School Robotics Team from Camarillo Ca.

The Robotics team from ACE high school recently finished 29 out of 54 teams across California.  This in their second year of competition was a great accomplishment. So to reward them Lee Cobb U.A.V. Quality Assurance Representative for the SA-TECH company gave them a tour of the Targets being maintained at Point Mugu Ca. The AQM-37, BQM-34, BQM-74 and the GQM-163 targets where shown and discussed. The biggest treat for the young men and women, Brandon Wahl set up a trip to the simulator building and shown how to control a target on the simulator. All the kids were allowed to try their hand at controlling a target. The Outstanding engineers that help this tour be a success was Mr. Brandon Wahl, Mr. Mike Raider, and Ms. Emily Jones all top engineers in their fields of expertise and from the government side of the work force.
Chuck Hebrard was our stand in Photographer and helped arrange the Tour.

Principal ACE Charter High School:
Mr. Joe Clausi

Robotics Team Mom:
Mrs.  Robinson

Robotics team:
1. Isaac Vandor
2. Isaiah Robinson
3. Zachary Robinson
4. Ethan Boles
5. Lucas Holmes
6. Ben Quero
7. Austin Abeyta
8. Jenny Reya
9. Diego Infante
10. Isaac Echiverria