24 December 2020: SA-TECH, as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, has been awarded a $4.5M Task Order under the Army TADSS Maintenance Program (ATMP). This effort is to provide, maintain, operate and sustain the Digital Range Training System (DRTS) fielded instrumentation at Gowen Field located in Orchard, ID. The installed system at Gowen Field is a Digital Air-Ground Integration Range (DAGIR) and it is used to facilitate Soldiers meeting their prescribed qualification standards on the tactics, techniques and procedures of their assigned weapon system. The Orchard Range complex is used to train manned and unmanned aviation crews, teams, platoons, and companies/troops on skills necessary to detect, identify, and effectively engage stationary and moving infantry and/or armor targets in a tactical array. The Task Order has a duration of 4.5 years beginning in January 2021 and is in addition to SA-TECHs existing ATMP DRTS support at Yakima, WA.