Thirty years ago on February 6th, 1989, Mr. Timothy J. Adams founded Systems Application and Technologies, Incorporated (SA-TECH), in Oxnard, CA, focusing on the high technology and technical support domains of the Department of Defense.  Much has changed since then – in our industry and our world – and SA-TECH has evolved to meet every challenge it’s encountered in each of the three decades it’s been in business.  It’s areas of expertise have grown to include program management, operations & maintenance, systems engineering, and logistics support services, and each one of these service offerings is focused on accomplishing one mission: Supporting Our Nation’s Warfighters.

SA-TECH 30th Anniversary Logo

Over the past 30 years, SA-TECH has steadily grown from two employees supporting one federal customer, at one California location, to close to  600 full time employees supporting  various federal, state and local agencies and uniformed armed services operating in 20 domestic and international locations. SA-TECH’s sustained growth and achievements are a direct result of our employees’ integrity, steadfast customer focus, and singular commitment to delivering quality products and services at every level of the organization.

Always one to build his team and share his success with others, Mr. Adams states that our employees are “our most valued assets.  They wear the SA-TECH badge, every day, with an enthusiasm that cannot be learned.  SA-TECH strives on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like ours.  I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing team”. Indeed, the health of SA-TECH is due in no small measure to Mr. Adams’ incorporation of several core values: Trust, Integrity, Teamwork, and Leadership by Example. These qualities, as well as the contributions of Mr. Adam’s employees and their families – past & present – are why SA-TECH has grown into the reputable, highly capable organization it is today.